Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is IMA?

What kinds of services does IMA offer?

What types of insurance programs does IMA offer?

Which insurance companies provide quotes for IMA?

What is a Third Party Administrator?

What claims administration and plan design services are available?

What kind of auditing procedures are in place?

What kind of customer service does IMA offer?

What kind of claims processing is available to the public from IMA?

Can employers design and tailor their own medical benefit plan?

How do you take the risk “out” of self-funded medical plans?

Can an employer design and tailor their own group medical benefit plan?

Absolutely! Partially self-funded plans offer the ultimate in flexibility when considering group medical coverage.

Can you take the risk “out” of partial funded and self-funded medical plans?

Yes, you can purchase aggregate and specific stop loss insurance. In addition, incurred, incurred and paid, and paid insurance contracts are available to the plan for risk management.

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