Prescription Plans

What benefit do employees value most? Prescription coverage.

The Purpose
To enable employers to continue to provide affordable prescription coverage as the prolonged and rapid escalation of drug costs stretches into the future. To provide employees with a sound understanding of their prescription drug benefits and educate them regarding effective use of prescription drugs.

The Process
IMA works with clients to incorporate highly effective cost-containment strategies in the design of employee prescription plans that employees value.

IMA educates employees regarding current and predicted future drug cost trends, the difference between generic and name brand drugs, and how drug formularies can reduce their prescription costs.

IMA consults with clients regarding strategies to drive down expenses in this major area.

Primary Features
• Extensive pharmacy network.
• Cost-containment strategies.
• Negotiated drug discounts.
• Multi-tiered plan.
• Pharmacy network options.

Key Benefits
Employees play a significant role in managing their own prescription costs, including talking with their physicians about drug options. Participants are offered multiple plan options and are able to make informed choices based on their lifestyle and how much they want to spend. Clients exert increased control over prescription drug costs.

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